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My computer says that it is currently 97 degrees outside right now. Ugh! It is waaaay too early for it to be that hot!! However, the warm weather does mean one good thing - we all have an excuse to stay inside and quilt (not that you really needed an excuse for that, but it's a good one if you do need it)!

If you're looking for a new project to work on, we have you covered. We have just spent the last week or so cutting a bunch of new kits. I have posted some pictures below of some of the quilts we now have kits for (the fabrics in the pictures are most likely not the same as they are in the kits).
Monkey Quilt from the book Quilting for Baby by Jeanne Stauffer

Pinwheels in My Garden pattern from Kansas Troubles

Hat Trick pattern by Carrie Nelson

Chain Reaction pattern by Pam McMahon

Birdseye pattern by Carrie Nelson

Over the Border pattern by Pam McMahon

Cracked Pots pattern by Carrie Nelson

These are not all of the kits we have, but a nice representation of the ones we offer.
We have also decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. You can now follow us at OldeWorldQuilts. It's a good way to receive quick headlines about what is going on at The Shoppe from day to day.
Please come by and say hi and maybe even pick yourself up a new summer project!
Until next time...

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