Happy New Year!!

We hope you have a safe and happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas!!

We will be closed Friday, December 24th and Saturday, December 25th in observance of Christmas. We hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!!

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New French General

The new French General collection, 'La Petit Ecole,' is here!! Here are a couple of sample pictures:

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Just In...

For all you reproduction lovers, we have in three new lines: Jo Morton's 'Ember Reds and Evergreens,' Judie Rothermel's 'A Journey Through Time,' and one we've had for a little while, but I forgot to mention in the last post, Julie Hendricksen's 'Miniatures.' Here are a few sample pictures of each collection:

Jo Morton's 'Ember Reds and Evergreens'

Judie Rothermel's 'A Journey Through Time'

A free pattern from Windham using Julie Hendricksen's 'Miniatures'

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We Have the BEST Customers!

I just wanted to take the time to share a couple of the gifts we received from two of our wonderful customers this week. These antique spools and shuttle were given to us by an out of town customer who thought we could use them more than she had. They are really neat pieces!!
We also got this adorable Christmas collar for our dog, Gracie, from our customer Tamami Stump. She is so talented!!
These aren't the best pictures, but my dad was cooking while I was trying to photograph her, and she was WAY more interested in the food than smiling for the camera.

Thank you so much to both of these ladies and to all of you! We really do have the best customers!! Happy Thanksgiving : )
Until next time...

Some Holiday News

First off, we will be closed on Wednesday, November 24th and Thursday, November 25th in observance of Thanksgiving. We always do Thanksgiving at our house and my mom does ALL of the cooking. This year we'll have about 30 people over, so she definitely needs that extra day off!! We will resume regular store hours on Friday, November 26th.

Second, we have added a new club to our post holiday schedule! The Liberty Star Club will begin on January 19th, 2011. Renee Plains, a local, but internationally known designer, will meet with club members quarterly to work on a special project from her vintage collection of patterns. In those months that the club does not meet, club members will receive a kit for one of Renee's patters. The fabrics in each kit will be personally selected by Renee. For more about the club, check out the class schedule or come by the Shoppe!
Speaking of Renee, be sure to visit her blog before Friday in order to be entered into her giveaway. She was part of the Home for the Holidays Buttermilk Basin Blog Hop, and has included a free pattern for an adorable angel in her latest post. If you leave her a comment before Friday afternoon, you will have a chance to win a kit for the angel!!

Finally, if I don't blog again before next week, we want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend!! We are very thankful for your continued support and wouldn't be here without you! Happy Thanksgiving : )

Until next time...

Lily and Will

Not only does Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs create the most adorable patterns, now she has created the most adorable fabric collection called 'Lily and Will.' This collection has everything you need to decorate a nursery for either a boy, girl or one of those "we don't want to know until it's born" scenarios. The line has everything from regular cottons to pre-quilted fabrics, waffle cloths and trim. Here are some ideas of what to do with this cute collection:

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It's Here!

We've been waiting for months now, and it's finally here! Our friend, Carrie Nelson, of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. is now officially a fabric designer, and we are the proud owners of her new line, 'Fresh Palette.' It's bright, fun, cheerful and a must buy! To show off her new line, the talented Miss Nelson designed a new pattern as well (pictured below). As soon as we receive the pattern, kits will be available at the Shoppe or on our website.

The winners of October's fat quarter drawing were Sigrid Wilcox, Linda McDermott, and Nancy Day. Congratulations to all three!

Finally, we are now offering 3 new blocks of the month: 'Paris in the Fall' by This and That, using fabrics from French General's new line, 'Maison De Garance,' 'House and Garden' by Jan Patek, using her fabrics from the 'Remembrance' collection and 'Civil War Chronicles' by Homestead Hearth, using Judie Rothermel's collection 'Civil War Chronicles.' Details about these programs can be found here.

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My New Obsession

I have recently become a tad bit obsessed with French General. For those of you who don't know what French General is, they (Kaari Meng) design fabrics and write books, among other things, that are based on vintage, French textiles and notions. Their books "Home Sewn" and "Handmade Soirees" have become two of my favorites! The former because of the adorable patterns and interesting facts about vintage textiles, and the latter just because of the pictures : )

I'm telling you all of this because today we are finally getting in the new fabric collection from French General called 'Maison de Garance.' I worked on getting the pictures ready to put up on the website yesterday so that they would be ready to upload as soon as the collection arrived, and let me tell you, I already love these fabrics! Unlike their last collection we carried, 'Rural Jardin,' which I also loved, this collection is a bit darker, with beautiful shades of red, brown and cream. Here is a small taste until I can get the pictures onto the website:

Jusqu'a la prochaine fois (until next time)...

This One's for the Kids

If you're looking for a great gift to give a baby and/or child or if you secretly long for your very own minky quilt, we have the perfect solution(s)! We just received these adorable kits! The ones in the boxes make up simple strip quilts made from minky. They are available in either kid or adult sizes. The ones below, wrapped in just the bow, make up a blanket(the solid color minky) with just a binding(the minky wrapped around the solid color). They really are cute!!

(minky strip quilt kits for both kids and adults)
(minky blanket kits for kids or kids at heart)

If you're looking for something for a child or teenager, but think the minky may be too juvenile, we also just received 'Happy" from Me and My Sister. The collection is full of bright colors and fun patterns!

Finally, don't forget about this month's fat quarter drawing! Put in first quality 100% cotton quilting fabric, rolled and secured with a rubber band, with your name and phone number included, in the designated basket at The Shoppe. For every fat quarter dropped in the basket by customers, The Shoppe will add another fat quarter. Add as many fat quarters as you like. At the end of the month, we will draw three names and divide the fat quarters equally amongst the winners. Good luck!

Until next time...

New Fabrics!

The UPS man had a very busy week! We got lots of boxes the last few days, all FILLED with new fabrics!! I kind of feel sorry for him since it's so hot and he always looks so tired when he leaves, but not sorry enough to distract from how excited we are about getting in new stuff! That NEVER gets old! This weeks arrivals included: 'Remembrance' by Jan Patek, 'Annandale' by Jo Morton, and 'Colorful Christmas' from Riley Blake.

Aside from staring at and fondling the new fabric, we did get some work done. We cut kits for all of the patterns picutured below, using fabrics from Jan Patek's 'Remembrance' line.

We also plan to make adorable pillowcase kits with Riley Blake's 'Colorful Christmas' fabrics. They would make great gifts for kids! Here's a sample:

We would also like to congratulate Margie Keller, Julie Miller and Sigrid Wilcox! They are the September winners of our monthly fat quarter drawing. October's drawing has now begun. Bring in as many fat quarters as you'd like, with your name and contact information attached, and at the end of the month, we will match however many fat quarters are in the basket. We will then draw three names and those three people will split the fat quarters evenly. Good luck!

Finally, check out the class schedule. Whitney has added some new classes/clubs.

Until next time...

Post Shop Hop

The 2010 Shop Hop (or the 'Sock Hop' as my grandma referred to it as all week) is over and boy was it fun! This was our first year participating in the event, so we really didn't know what to expect. Every day was BUSY and non-stop. We really enjoyed seeing many of our loyal customers and meeting tons of new ones! I will say, though, that that much excitement can be EXHAUSTING! This was especially the case for my grandma. We couldn't have gotten through last week without her help (she was the demo lady for all of you who came through), but it really wore her out. I managed to sneak in a picture of her 'break time.' She claims she was just "resting her eyes," but she was in that same position for quite some time.

For those of you who participated in the Hop, our version of the mystery quilt is now available to see in the Shoppe. Our friend Lin Ochs did a fabulous job piecing it! Thanks Lin and thanks to all of you who visited us : )

In other news, we want to congratulate Cheryl Arnold for winning the "Two in the Bush" pattern by correctly pointing out Whitney's mistake. Good eye Cheryl!

Also, Whitney will be adding a few more classes to the schedule in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out. They are filling up fast!

Until next time...

Whitney's Been Busy

Since Whitney is by far the best piecer out of the three of us, she is usually given the task of making store samples (around here, if the other two find out you're good at something or at least better than them at doing it, then that something becomes YOUR job, so the trick is to just be 'OK' at everything - obviously Whitney didn't learn that lesson in time). Over the past couple of weeks she has pieced and quilted two quilts. The first is just a big block quilt using Holly Taylor's 'Classics' collection. The best part of the quilt is what she put on the back. She used some of Moda's fireside fabric. If you don't know what that is, the best way I can describe it is a blend of minkee and flannel. It's not quite as soft as minkee, but it's definitely softer than flannel. It would be great to cuddle up with as soon as it cools down around here!

(notice the unfinished binding - that's a Whitney AND Dee trademark)

(this is the fireside backing quilted with a fly fishing pattern)

The second quilt she made would be just as nice to cuddle up with. It is Bonnie Sullivan's 'Two in the Bush' pattern, using various flannels. It's really pretty and Whitney did a great job matching up all of those points, but she did make one mistake. If you think you know what error she made, let us know, and one lucky person with the right answer will get the pattern for free, compliments of Whitney. Contact us (come in, call us, email us, or comment below) by September 18th to be eligible to win the pattern.

Kits are available for both the big block quilt and 'Two in the Bush.'

We have also received a couple new collections since I blogged last. 'Warm Woolen Mittens,' a flannel line from Maywood Studios and 'Spice Chest' by Jo Morton both arrived last week! Pictures of both are up on the website

Until next time...

Look What We Got!!

I can officially go home happy today and it's only 10:30! We received a box from White Bear Lake, Minnesota first thing this morning full of BEAUTIFUL wools : ) It really is sad how excited we get over such a thing. Here's a sample of what we got(before the three of us and Cheryl and Lin combed through it):

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Sample Mood

Something came over me sometime around the middle of last week, and I was suddenly in the mood to make up some store samples. Nothing too big or complicated, just quick and easy. I decided on some new tea towels. We have had the same ones hanging up by the register for awhile now and we recently got in some cute tea towel patterns by Primitive Gatherings, so how could I resist? Each pattern contains instructions for six different tea towels, so I picked my favorite from each. They are not yet stitched down, but I figure that since I picked out the towels and fabrics, traced the designs onto Steam-a-Seam, and ironed everything down, it's only fair that my mom or Whitney do the stitching. That of course means that they will never get done, but this should give you a good idea of what they're supposed to look like:

We also decided late last week that kits for the Diamond Delight table runner would be a cute idea and since we now have the Holiday Flourish 3 collection, it worked out perfectly! Now we have these:

Which make up a version of this:

Until next time...

P.S. Perfect timing! The UPS man just came in and delivered the 'Punctuation' line from Moda. It's an adorable collection of 1930s reproduction prints. Check the website for pictures.

It's Me Again...

As soon as I hit the 'Publish Post' button yesterday, the UPS man showed up with some BIG boxes. Those boxes were filled with lots of fun new stuff, so I thought I'd share some of them with you. First of all, I was very excited to get two new books from the people at French General. We had seen these books at different stores during our road trip last month, and I LOVED them. They both have the cutest little projects. If you like their fabrics, you'll feel the same way about these books.

We also got the Spirit collection by Lila Tueller. It's a brighter, trendier look than we usually go for, but it makes up adorable dresses for young girls and a fun coat for the more mature audience.

We also started getting some patterns from Buttermilk Basin. Their patterns have a very vintage look and span all seasons, however, we only have fall/Halloween themed patterns so far. Here's my favorite:

As if that wasn't enough, we also got new patterns from Jan Patek, a small booklet all about embroidery stitches, and a few other trinkets. It definitely made for a fun morning! I think the UPS truck just passed by, so I think that's it for now.

Until next time...

We Have a Winner!!

Congratulations to Julie Miller! She is the winner of The Shoppe's Schnibbles contest and is now entered into Martingale's national Schnibbles contest. Good luck Julie!! Here's a picture of the winning quilt:

We also wanted to remind you all that passports and charms for the 2010 Shop Hop, in September, are now available for $5.00 here at the store. Charms are limited so hurry in!

When you come in to buy your passports, check out our new holiday goodies. We received Peggy Toole's Holiday Flourish 3 collection and several new seasonal patterns from Crabapple Hill.

Until next time...

Shop Hop Til Ya Drop

It's that time of year again! In just over a month, the Valley of the Sun Shop Hop will begin!! As of today, you can buy your passport here at The Shoppe. The passport and charm, together, are $5.00. There are an unlimited number of passports, however, charms are limited, so come in as soon as possible to purchase both!

In other news, we have completed our rearrangement of the store. All holiday fabrics (at least the ones we've received so far) have been put out and are ready to be made into something wonderful! Here are a few more pictures of what we've been working on:

We have also received a couple of gifts in the last week that we want to brag about : ) For The Shoppe's two year anniversary, our friends/customers/helpers Cheryl Miller and Lin Ochs made my mom and Whitney each signature quilts (the pattern came from Jo Morton's book, 'Vintage Journey'). Some of our customers, teachers and favorite local designers all signed the blocks, and to top it off, the amazing Sharon Brooks quilted both of them! They really are beautiful!!

We also each got one of these from our friend Renee Plains. She brought them back from her trip to Paris. They're so cute! We love her!

Until next time...

Schnibbles and Such...

The quilts are in! We received 4 entries in the Schnibbles contest. The pictures below are the quilts entered. In order to vote for your favorite, e-mail the store at mail@theoldeworldquiltshoppe.com with the corresponding number posted underneath the picture by midnight on August 15th. I know they are all beautiful, but please just vote for one!





We are also beginning a fat quarter drawing today! Put in first quality 100% cotton quilting fabric, rolled and secured with a rubber band, with your name and phone number included, in the designated basket at The Shoppe. For every fat quarter dropped in the basket by customers, The Shoppe will add another fat quarter. Add as many fat quarters as you like. At the end of the month, we will draw three names and divide the fat quarters equally amongst the winners.

Until next time...