New Fabrics!

The UPS man had a very busy week! We got lots of boxes the last few days, all FILLED with new fabrics!! I kind of feel sorry for him since it's so hot and he always looks so tired when he leaves, but not sorry enough to distract from how excited we are about getting in new stuff! That NEVER gets old! This weeks arrivals included: 'Remembrance' by Jan Patek, 'Annandale' by Jo Morton, and 'Colorful Christmas' from Riley Blake.

Aside from staring at and fondling the new fabric, we did get some work done. We cut kits for all of the patterns picutured below, using fabrics from Jan Patek's 'Remembrance' line.

We also plan to make adorable pillowcase kits with Riley Blake's 'Colorful Christmas' fabrics. They would make great gifts for kids! Here's a sample:

We would also like to congratulate Margie Keller, Julie Miller and Sigrid Wilcox! They are the September winners of our monthly fat quarter drawing. October's drawing has now begun. Bring in as many fat quarters as you'd like, with your name and contact information attached, and at the end of the month, we will match however many fat quarters are in the basket. We will then draw three names and those three people will split the fat quarters evenly. Good luck!

Finally, check out the class schedule. Whitney has added some new classes/clubs.

Until next time...

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