Whitney's Been Busy

Since Whitney is by far the best piecer out of the three of us, she is usually given the task of making store samples (around here, if the other two find out you're good at something or at least better than them at doing it, then that something becomes YOUR job, so the trick is to just be 'OK' at everything - obviously Whitney didn't learn that lesson in time). Over the past couple of weeks she has pieced and quilted two quilts. The first is just a big block quilt using Holly Taylor's 'Classics' collection. The best part of the quilt is what she put on the back. She used some of Moda's fireside fabric. If you don't know what that is, the best way I can describe it is a blend of minkee and flannel. It's not quite as soft as minkee, but it's definitely softer than flannel. It would be great to cuddle up with as soon as it cools down around here!

(notice the unfinished binding - that's a Whitney AND Dee trademark)

(this is the fireside backing quilted with a fly fishing pattern)

The second quilt she made would be just as nice to cuddle up with. It is Bonnie Sullivan's 'Two in the Bush' pattern, using various flannels. It's really pretty and Whitney did a great job matching up all of those points, but she did make one mistake. If you think you know what error she made, let us know, and one lucky person with the right answer will get the pattern for free, compliments of Whitney. Contact us (come in, call us, email us, or comment below) by September 18th to be eligible to win the pattern.

Kits are available for both the big block quilt and 'Two in the Bush.'

We have also received a couple new collections since I blogged last. 'Warm Woolen Mittens,' a flannel line from Maywood Studios and 'Spice Chest' by Jo Morton both arrived last week! Pictures of both are up on the website

Until next time...

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