Shop Hop Til Ya Drop

It's that time of year again! In just over a month, the Valley of the Sun Shop Hop will begin!! As of today, you can buy your passport here at The Shoppe. The passport and charm, together, are $5.00. There are an unlimited number of passports, however, charms are limited, so come in as soon as possible to purchase both!

In other news, we have completed our rearrangement of the store. All holiday fabrics (at least the ones we've received so far) have been put out and are ready to be made into something wonderful! Here are a few more pictures of what we've been working on:

We have also received a couple of gifts in the last week that we want to brag about : ) For The Shoppe's two year anniversary, our friends/customers/helpers Cheryl Miller and Lin Ochs made my mom and Whitney each signature quilts (the pattern came from Jo Morton's book, 'Vintage Journey'). Some of our customers, teachers and favorite local designers all signed the blocks, and to top it off, the amazing Sharon Brooks quilted both of them! They really are beautiful!!

We also each got one of these from our friend Renee Plains. She brought them back from her trip to Paris. They're so cute! We love her!

Until next time...

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