Sample Mood

Something came over me sometime around the middle of last week, and I was suddenly in the mood to make up some store samples. Nothing too big or complicated, just quick and easy. I decided on some new tea towels. We have had the same ones hanging up by the register for awhile now and we recently got in some cute tea towel patterns by Primitive Gatherings, so how could I resist? Each pattern contains instructions for six different tea towels, so I picked my favorite from each. They are not yet stitched down, but I figure that since I picked out the towels and fabrics, traced the designs onto Steam-a-Seam, and ironed everything down, it's only fair that my mom or Whitney do the stitching. That of course means that they will never get done, but this should give you a good idea of what they're supposed to look like:

We also decided late last week that kits for the Diamond Delight table runner would be a cute idea and since we now have the Holiday Flourish 3 collection, it worked out perfectly! Now we have these:

Which make up a version of this:

Until next time...

P.S. Perfect timing! The UPS man just came in and delivered the 'Punctuation' line from Moda. It's an adorable collection of 1930s reproduction prints. Check the website for pictures.


  1. The towels are so cute. Love them.

  2. Thanks Cindy! They're a lot of fun to make : )

  3. i love the table runner..too pretty..the towels are really cute also