Catch-Up Day 2

In my last post, I forgot to mention one of the biggest pieces of news around the Shoppe over the past six weeks. We have a new employee! Alice works with us now on Mondays and Wednesdays. She is a great addition to the Shoppe!! Come in and meet her - her enthusiasm will definitely brighten your day!

In other news, apparently a new trend arose while I was on my blog hiatus. The 'twister' tool has quickly become the hottest new thing around here! Our fabulous teacher and dear friend, Cheryl Miller, has been whipping out samples using this new notion. Here are a few she has finished:

The twister tool is available here at the Shoppe! They are blast to use. Don't miss out!!

We have also received Jo Morton's new lines since I last posted - 'Luminarias' and 'Toasty' are now available. Pictures will be up on the website today!

Until next time...

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