The Party is Over

Our anniversary sale was a success!! We had a great response and had lots of fun! Thank you to all who came out and wished us a happy birthday : ) We even received some beautiful flowers from our wonderful customer Julie Miller. Thanks Julie!!

 The winners of the three $30 gift certificates were Debbie Gilsdorf, Cindy Rogers and Cheryl Venarge. Congratulations ladies!!

Now that the party is over, it's back to business!

We had a nice surprise this morning. Another one of our wonderful customers, Cheryl Arnold, brought in her Civil War Chronicles block of the month, in progress. The top photo is her newest block. Once she finishes the rest of this same block, she will add them to the bottom photo. She has done a great job!! She was kind enough to leave what she has made so far for us to hang in the Shoppe. Come by and see what she has accomplished. There are still kits available of the Civil War Chronicles block of the month, so get yours before we run out!

 Until next time...

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