Farmer's Wife Club

It's that time of year again! The snowbirds are coming back and our clubs are starting back up :-) First up - Farmer's Wife.

This is an ongoing club based on Laurie Hird’s book, The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt. The book has 111 traditional 6” blocks inspired by letters from 1920’s farm wives who responded to the 1922 Farmer’s Wife magazine contest. The CD provides template patterns, but no instructions on how to piece the blocks together. We've solved that problem for you!

Here’s how the club works:
Length: This club is ongoing. It will start the 1st Friday in February and run through May. It will pick back up again in October and run until the next May. You may join in at any time. There is no guarantee that instruction will be repeated, but the patterns will always be available.
CostThere is a $30 registration fee and the book is required.   Each month you will be required to purchase a ‘helper packet’ of fabric @$16.95 and pay a nominal fee of $5 for the directions for cutting and piecing the blocks for a total monthly cost of $21.95. The first month, the ‘helper packet’ will be $21.95.
  The club starts up again on Friday, October 28th, so sign up soon!

Until next time...

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