It's Good to be Home!

We're back! After a LONG week of driving a 3100 mile circle around the west I am SO glad to be home. It was a fun trip, but if I never see the inside of a hotel room again, it'll be too soon! The driving wouldn't have been so bad, except I had to share my seat with the princess of the family. My parents' favorite child, the dog (Gracie), had this elaborate bed set up for her that took up 3/4 of the back seat.

However, she decided it would be more comfortable to share the little space I was allotted and sit on my lap.

Needless to say, I did not even take my pincushion project out of the bag!

Overall, the trip was educational. I learned that I am much more of a city girl than I previously thought, and that moving to the middle of NOWHERE is not something I am interested in anymore. So, I will not be moving in September, which means you're all stuck with me at the Shoppe! The whole 3100 mile trip was all worth it though. I got to see Mount Hood in Portland, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and visit wineries in Napa :) The best part about the trip, however, was stopping along the way at different quilt shops. I haven't been to another shop since we opened, so it was fun to see how different people in different states set up their stores. We went to eight stores in all, and each one was completely different. After visiting all of those shops, my mom and I are in the mood to rearrange ours. We probably won't change too much, but we're excited to get back to work on Tuesday! I'll keep you posted on any progress we make and, of course, anything new that arrives.

Until next time...


  1. YIPPEE I am so glad you are a city girl! I was going to REALLY miss you. Can't wait for a play day at THE SHOPPE!

  2. Thanks Renee! We've missed you. Can't wait to hear about the trip!!

  3. Well I'm glad you found out before going that you were a city girl through and through, and we (meaning Kirsten even more so) are really pleased that you will be staying.

  4. So glad!! Mom sent me this blog because I hadn't seen it yet....I mean, I was happy for you to go if that's what you wanted, but I was going to be sad to see you go so far away! Glad we'll still have you around. :)

  5. Sigrid - thanks so much! I definitely would have missed my little buddy : )

    Heather - I'm just glad I'll be around to meet my new little cousin!! And tell your mom thanks for reading. I didn't even know she knew about it.