A Little Inspiration

The best part about our job is the people we get to meet and the inspiration they provide us everyday. We were lucky enough last week to meet Judy Fleming, a very nice, very talented woman, who was kind enough to bring in her Dear Jane quilt to share with us. It took Judy ten years to complete the approximately 90" x 90" project, which she admits, helped her through some tough times over the last decade. The picture below does not do it justice. It's absolutely beautiful!! Thanks Judy!

We also got a visit from my grandma's cousin, Marshall, and his wife, Sue, last Tuesday. As they were touring the Shoppe, Sue told us about a friend of hers who had made a rag quilt that looked like a flag. Whitney, thinking this would be a fairly easy project, decided to start one that day. As we found, it took a little more strategizing and planning than we originally thought. It took a few extra days, but she did a great job!

Until next time...


  1. Thank you for sharing. Lots of inspiration!
    Missing you......

  2. Thanks Mary Andra! We miss you too! You and Candee need to make a trip in! I'm moving in September and would love to see you both before I leave!