Post Shop Hop

The 2010 Shop Hop (or the 'Sock Hop' as my grandma referred to it as all week) is over and boy was it fun! This was our first year participating in the event, so we really didn't know what to expect. Every day was BUSY and non-stop. We really enjoyed seeing many of our loyal customers and meeting tons of new ones! I will say, though, that that much excitement can be EXHAUSTING! This was especially the case for my grandma. We couldn't have gotten through last week without her help (she was the demo lady for all of you who came through), but it really wore her out. I managed to sneak in a picture of her 'break time.' She claims she was just "resting her eyes," but she was in that same position for quite some time.

For those of you who participated in the Hop, our version of the mystery quilt is now available to see in the Shoppe. Our friend Lin Ochs did a fabulous job piecing it! Thanks Lin and thanks to all of you who visited us : )

In other news, we want to congratulate Cheryl Arnold for winning the "Two in the Bush" pattern by correctly pointing out Whitney's mistake. Good eye Cheryl!

Also, Whitney will be adding a few more classes to the schedule in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out. They are filling up fast!

Until next time...

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  1. Thanks Whitney! Now let's see if I can keep the pattern correct, haha!